The GreenLab Innovation Center

Our next big milestone: The GreenLab Innovation Center

The GreenLab Innovation Foundation's purpose includes overseeing the realisation of the GreenLab Innovation Center – a coming center for innovation, research, and education located in GreenLab. The GreenLab Innovation center will have a special focus on accelerating the green transition of hard-to-abate sectors and energy storage technologies.

GreenLab Innovation Center
The GreenLab Innovation Center will bring together industry, research, education, innovation, public bodies, and citisens in one unifying building, thus increasing the innovation power of GreenLab and the ecosystem around the park.

The center will house a number of workplaces directly related to GreenLab and the Companies in the industrial park, while at the same time functioning as a visitor and experience center for course participants, tourists, and the rest of the curious public.

An iconic, multifunctional house
The center must signal sustainability in both material selection and technical solutions. It is of the highest priority that the connection between outdoors and indoors becomes as strong as possible. Furthermore, it is important that both the building and outdoor area naturally play together with the overall landscape features of the area.

The GreenLab Innovation Center will have a global outlook and a goal of becoming a beacon for innovation, research, and education. The Innovation Center aims to facilitate collaboration between businesses and top researchers from around the world to find new sustainable solutions to global energy challenges. With a vision of bridging academic expertise and practical application, the center will also host educational programs that develop the necessary skills for a more sustainable future.

Contact us

If you want to learn more about our work with relising the GreenLab Innovation Center and the partnership opportunities, please reach out to:

Hanne Torp Brodersen
Partnership & Funding Manager
+45 2462 1547

See the GreenLab Innovation Center Prospekt here:

GreenLab Innovation Center Prospekt (DK)

GreenLab Innovation Center Prospect (ENG)